This Session is presented in partnership with the Joint Technology Committee of COSCA, NACM, and NCSC. The coronavirus has forced us to rethink the way we work. Technology plays a huge role in that transformation. We have known for a long time that technology is a necessity, but nothing has made this fact clearer than the global coronavirus pandemic. For the first time for many, we have witnessed “nonessential” businesses close their doors, state governments issuing orders to stay inside, and people preparing for a changing work environment. Yet, while this disruption is certainly hard on many organizations, it will be the way that courts at every level use technology that will make the difference between surviving – or even innovating in this difficult time. Now more than ever, technology is being counted on to help handle the coronavirus crisis. From internet platforms to chatbots, all types of technologies are being deployed to keep courts moving forward and ensuring individuals their day “in Court” even if remotely. Though coronavirus is certainly showing us an unprecedented way of working in the modern age, it is likely that many of these technologies will stick around, ultimately transforming the way we count on technology in the future.
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